Next-gen eLearning Platform Featuring Advanced AI Matching Algorithm

EZsmarts is a next-gen e-learning platform powered by a native Learning Search Engine (LSE) that leverages advanced AI-based solutions and blockchain.

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Integrating AI And Blockchain With Online Learning

EZsmarts is an open-to-all, peer-to-peer e-learning platform designed to deliver effective online learning solutions.

Powered by an advanced AI-assisted ingenious learning search engine that allows learners to connect with their preferred educators, EZsmarts leverages blockchain-based Decentralized Ledger Technology to incentivize learning.

EZsmarts’ affordable e-learning solution eliminates pertinent barriers including, geographical and financial. Based on proven modern formative assessment techniques, the online learning platform also features scientifically approved activities to track progress.

Leveraging Blockchain

Incentivizing Learning

  • Both teachers and learners get access to unique opportunities on the EZsmarts platform to earn rewards as they achieve their learning goals – one milestone at a time.
  • Leveraging blockchain technology EZsmarts ecosystem is powered by EZS built on the ultra-powerful Solana chain.
  • EZsmarts users earn performance-based rewards and can use their acquired EZS token to connect with learners and purchase courses or private learning sessions, and more.
Advanced Matchmaking

Learning Search Engine

  • EZsmarts’ innovative AI-driven learning search engine allows learners to connect to the best educator depending on their particular requirements
  • Factoring multiple different learner requirements including, learning style, course content, learning difficulties, specific learning needs, the EZsmarts helps them connect with the best matching educators.
  • The Learning Search Engine (LSE) uses a weighted average mechanism wherein several different educator attributes and learner goals are compared and contrasted with past learner achievements and satisfaction levels. The LSE instantly shows the best matching
    options in choice-based order of preference.
Community Driven

Collaborative Learning

  • EZsmarts offer classroom-based experience of collaborative learning to help them overcome their learning difficulties.
  • Learners can become a part of a group and collaborate on assignments and projects.Collaborative learning is an essential component of skill-based learning. The technique is proven to be effective in preparing students for their professional lives and workplace problem-solving.
Value-driven Experiential Learning

eLearning 3.0

EZsmarts transcends the limitations of the conventional profit-driven eLearning businesses and pioneers the idea of peer-to-peer learning where learners and educators connect based on their preferences for better learning and teaching experience.

Learning Search Engine
Instant Accurate Matchmaking

Learners and educators can connect based on their learning choices and teaching preferences – the AI-based Learning Search Engine allows instant and accurate matchmaking on the platform.

Ultra Secure
Highly Secure - Audited Smart Contract

EZsmarts platform is powered by native EZS token allowing users to connect and access courses, learning videos and other exciting features. Our smart contract has been audited and ensures maximum user protection.

Transparent & Affordable
Decentralized Tokens

A decentralized peer-to-peer learning model ensures the highest levels of transparency. With blockchain-driven EZS token powering the platform, users make additional savings cutting down intermediary costs incurred on PSP services.



EZsmarts has the advantage of being an AI and Blockchain based EdTech platform that will transform learning by overcoming today’s challenges to deliver more value to learners and educators/experts.

Value for money

Tokenization of transactions helps to give back to the community at much lower costs and get answers to questions right away.

Incentivizing with staking

Staking options incentivize the participants to gain more than they have spent and increase the opportunity to boost earnings.

Truly Borderless

There are no geographical barriers, and the decentralized platform minimizes the risk of fund theft as well as reducing access to education.

No third-party settlement

Smart contracts ensure there is no third-party involvement in managing payments using the seamless EZS token for services on EZsmarts platform. Manage the funds in your own wallet.


Smart contracts enable transparency in the distribution of incentives and rewards.