Baldo Minaudo

President & CEO EZsmarts

Designing EZSmarts on a foundation of innovation and integrity, Baldo Minaudo is a renowned Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, and Investor with over 40 years of experience instilling progressive reform across granular and social scales. As a multi-industry leader driven by passion, Baldo carries an extensive background in the intricacies of corporate and community development, including finance, business process, training, corporate culture and leveraging core competencies. He enjoys using his understanding of blockchain/artificial intelligence integration to continuously help raise the global education standards bar.

Born in Italy and both educated and raised in Canada, Baldo has built a large inventory of C-level successions and advisory successes that have led to his current endorsed standing among a network that spans the globe. Part of that stems from his innate drive to optimize the human/business experience and the other from his passion for long-term relationship building, growth, and connection. Adding to that base, to date Baldo holds multiple university degrees, including a B.A. (Honors) in Urban Economics and an M.B.A. in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurial Studies, and has strong corporate exposure such as being the Vice President of Corporate Development for Delta Uranium. Simultaneously, Baldo has vast experience within corporate/investment banking, management consulting, real estate and has been an ongoing community-building advocate - proactively improving communities through social engineering, spatial design, and inspiring others to get involved.

In addition to this, Baldo is the founder of management consulting firm and of MetroActive: Where People & Opportunity Meet ( a community that he co-started and grew to over 13000 leaders. He has helped members with their life success through the art of networking, relationship building, asset management, real estate, and equity investing. Throughout his career, Baldo has received substantial media coverage involving personal/professional interviews on his work and tech integrations along with coverages on his published book entitled ‘The Banker Who Saved His Soul.'

Being a progressive fueled by mission excellence, nothing makes Baldo happier than driving worldwide academic/business advancement through UX technologies such as blockchain, AI and asset tokenization, and doing so all while ensuring the community involved has positive constructive experiences along the way. This, in conjunction with his motivating energy to deliver futuristic concepts into education and reputation as a longstanding change agent, is what shaped Baldo into the forward-thinking leader he is today – one who consistently strives to improve the quality and efficiency of the dynamic industry sectors and bolster the modernized world as a whole.