Emily Wright

Educational Advisor

Emily Wright is inspiring a whole generation with her spreading of awareness and approach to dealing with situations involving mental health, bullying, mental health and addiction. Her unique strength and perspective was forged from her personal journey. Emily was raised in an affluent neighbourhood and attended top-notch private schools. Yet, at the age of 18 she ended up homeless, dealing with mental illness and addiction. It was a wakeup call and turning point in her life.

Today, Emily Wright is a powerful educator, advocate and public speaker. She is a member of two speaker’s bureaus and is a regular guest lecturer at various schools across the GTA. With a special ability to speak to people of all ages, Emily tries to make a difference in the world by using her personal voice and story to confront stigma and create awareness on important topics such as homelessness, bullying, mental health, and addiction. Emily Wright has a Master’s degree in Teaching and currently works as a curriculum consultant, speaker, and elementary school teacher.

Being a talented public speaker, Emily Wright is a member of the Eva’s Initiatives Speaker’s Bureau, the United Way Speaker’s Bureau, and is a regular speaker for Raising the Roof. Emily also guest lectures at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and George Brown College. She has experience creating and implementing workshops, presentations, and speeches to both small and large groups across Toronto on a variety of topics.

Emily has a particular talent for speaking to students in elementary, middle, and high school. She has the ability to deconstruct social justice issues and present them to children in an age-appropriate way. Emily’s ability to confront stigma, while creating awareness and hope is sure to empower any audience no matter the age.

Emily is helping EZsmarts support educators and learners dealing with challenging circumstances through perspective, coaching, techniques and exercises. She is available on the EZsmarts.com platform.